Sessa Scholarships for Continuing Ed

There are so many continuing education opportunities for the information professional.  Maybe you’ve been eyeing a promising topic covered in a four or six-week online course,  or there’s a pre-conference meeting which sounds fabulous.   Or is there an opportunity coming up this summer to explore some area of librarianship or leadership that appeals to you?

Beta Phi Mu is now offering scholarships to help with exactly this kind of continuing education.  Starting in 2018, the Sessa Scholarships will offer 10 awards of $150 each.  They are not based on need and are non-competitive.  The scholarships will be awarded by lottery, five in March and five in September.  Lottery registration will open on January 1, 2018 and all Beta Phi Mu members are eligible to enter.

For more information and the complete guidelines for the new Sessa Scholarships, please visit:


School Librarianship: Past, Present, and Future

School Librarianship: Past, Present, and Future by Susan W. Alman

Review by Carmaine Ternes

School Librarianship: Past, Present, and Future is a tribute to Dr. Blanche Woolls, a leader of school libraries and media specialists around the world. Her contributions include The School Library Manager among additional publications have connected librarians globally. Her work pioneered dynamic shifts in today’s library learning landscape. Due to her experiences, Woolls’ vision has positively impacted school library media training, research, and publishing for new and seasoned librarians. The authors express appreciation for Blanche’s personal and professional trailblazing encouragement.

Focused on previous and present situations, this book recognizes information professionals who chronicled issues in “education, scholarship, organizations, and the innovators of practitioners.” Arranged in three main sections, this book provides the history of children’s literature and school libraries, professional development trends, and potential future interactions with students and teachers. In this collection of essays, respected librarians highlight historical and current regional and global issues.

From the Committees on Post-War Planning to School Library Standards, school library centers have significantly evolved in response to the diversified needs of the community. From a Nation at Risk to the Every Student Succeeds Act, the confluence of school library support demonstrates the need for and value of professionally trained certified librarians and properly funded school libraries. This forward-thinking transformation includes instruction, service, collaboration, and activities beyond the focus of reading, reference, and research.

Examples of integrating digital literacy skills, inquiry based learning, reflective questioning, scaffolding, and constructing meaning provide empowering strategies. Cases of generating interest and perpetuating advocacy are featured. Learn how to transform information and knowledge into understanding. With traditional and digital tools, acquire an ability to investigate, evaluate, and express creative and strategic thinking.

When librarians collaborate, worldwide conversations provide numerous opportunities to engage in meaningful partnerships gleaning from interesting perspectives. This informative publication provides a respectable overview of numerous school library issues including developments in information, technology, innovation, and mindfulness.  A crosswalk establishing partnerships offers an unprecedented opportunity uniting curricular areas and pedagogy coalescing students, educators, and administrators.

Thought provoking tactics include “dealing with disruption” for desired results staying focused effectively, promoting the dynamics of successful future school libraries, effective decision-making frameworks, proven models of inquiry, and innovative leadership. Any person who has stepped foot in any library will appreciate this authoritative material and be encouraged to advocate for school libraries. Dr. E. Blanche Woolls has gained respect from educators, librarians, and students on a global scale and has been praised for her “concerted effort” fostering leading-edge learning opportunities.

The International Library and Information Studies Honor Society, Beta Phi Mu, teamed with Rowman and Littlefield Publishing to launch the Beta Phi Mu Scholars Series. School Librarianship: Past, Present, and Future was recognized due to its “creative, innovative, and well-articulated work…that people can reflect upon, discuss, and put into action.” Readers will be inspired and impressed by the accomplished contributors and a plethora of respectable references.

Respectfully submitted,

Carmaine Ternes

Librarian, Researcher, Writer, Presenter

November 2017


Carmaine Ternes is a retired high school librarian and member of the Emporia State University planning committee for the Kansas Summer Institute for School Librarians.  She also serves as an AASL Learning4Life state coordinator and is the current Vice-President of the Beta Epsilon Chapter of Beta Phi Mu.  


Annual Program at KLA

Farrell Hoy Jenab, SLIM alumna and current Faculty Development Coordinator at Johnson County Community College, presented her research documenting stories of Women Along the Chisolm Trail at the 2017 annual program for the Beta Epsilon chapter of Beta Phi Mu.   The session took place at the Kansas Library Association–Kansas Association of School Librarians Conference on the afternoon of October 25.

BPM_Farrell (2)
L-R:  Jan Brooks, Carmaine Ternes, Robert Grover, Farrell Hoy Jenab, Mirah Dow, Dean Wooseob Jeong, Sarah Sutton

Ms. Jenab brought to life the stories of several heroines who had braved the trail, focusing on courage and entrepreneurship even during times of hardship or adversity.  The Beta Epsilon Executive Council would like to thank everyone in attendance, including the SLIM faculty who joined us for the afternoon.

Providing programming and supporting state Library Conferences is one of the initiatives which Beta Epsilon chapter participates in to support and encourage scholarly work of library and information professionals.

Fall Program Announcement


Beta Epsilon chapter of Beta Phi Mu announces our annual program will take place at the 2017 KLA-KASL Conference in Wichita.  All Conference participants are invited to attend.

In keeping with Beta Phi Mu International’s promotion of excellence and leadership in the field of library and information science,  our program will honor the scholarly and professional work of Farrell Hoy Jenab, a Master of Library Science alumna from FarrellEmporia State University and current Faculty Development Coordinator and instructor in the English for Academic Purposes program at Johnson County Community College in Overland Park, Kansas.  Ms. Jenab will present “Women along the Chisholm Trail,”  a compilation of oral histories of women from the Flint Hills emphasizing her interest in the important role women have played there.  She has presented her research at the Symphony in the Flint Hills including a previous program focused on Minnie Morgan, the first and only female mayor of Cottonwood Falls, Kansas.

The program will take place Wednesday, October 25, 2017 at the Kansas Library Conference in Wichita, KS.  It is scheduled for the Maple Theater.

If you can’t attend, watch our blog for the link to a recording of the event.

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Jan Brooks
President, Beta Epsilon Chapter,  Beta Phi Mu


ESU SLIM Ph.D. Program


ESU SLIM Ph.D. Program

By Mirah Dowbpm phd poster


We are accepting applications to the Emporia State University, School of Library and Information Management,  Doctor of Philosophy degree program through March 1, 2018. Applicants (depending on when a complete application is received) will be notified either by January 1 or May 1, 2018.  There is a detailed application acceptance-review-notification schedule available online.  Accepted students will begin this Ph.D. program in fall 2018.


It is my pleasure to announce a new opportunity beginning in fall 2018, which we are referring to as the ESU SLIM Ph.D. Student Award Package. There will be award packages to two students.   Eligible individuals for these awards must first be accepted by the SLIM faculty in the Doctor of Philosophy degree program, complete all the ESU admission requirements and be found eligible for a graduate degree. Selected students will be awarded an ESU graduate assistantship award with tuition waiver that requires 20 hours work per week for a full semester and an employment contract ($20,000) at SLIM that requires 20 hours worked per week for 12 months. Selected students will work at ESU SLIM Emporia, KS having opportunities to gain professional experience through teaching, conducting research with SLIM faculty, and/or administrative assistant duties. Awards are renewable for up to four years.


For more information about this ESU SLIM’s Doctor of Philosophy degree program, please visit the website and/or contact me.  I’ll be happy to communicate with you.  Thank you.


Mirah J. Dow, BSE, MLS, PhD
Professor, Director, Ph.D. Program

STEM-ALL, Director and Co-PI
School of Library and Information Management
Emporia State University

A Cupcake Toast to a New Semester

BPM cupcake toast
SLIM Faculty and Beta Phi Mu toast a new academic year

On September 6, 2017, SLIM faculty members and representatives of the Beta Epsilon chapter executive board shared a cupcake toast to a new semester on the Emporia State University campus.  Beta Phi Mu members Michael Lang, chapter secretary, and Carmaine Ternes, chapter vice-president, expressed appreciation for the support and guidance of the SLIM faculty.   Every year, we rely on recommendations from the SLIM faculty to identify not only qualified new members, but also outstanding students for scholarships and awards.  We thought a small token of our appreciation was in order.  Also preseBPM Bookmarknt was our faculty sponsor, Dr. Mirah Dow.

Each attendee was given a specially designed bookmark reminding them of Beta Phi Mu benefits and future activities.

Cheers to a new academic year!

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Join SLIM Beta Epsilon in LinkedIn

LinkedIn One of the goals that our executive committee has identified for this year is to communicate openly with larger numbers of our members.  We’d like to keep you informed about Beta Phi Mu and the projects that our chapter works on throughout the year.  Hopefully, you’ll feel more of a part of our initiatives and maybe join us whenever you have the opportunity.

For several years we’ve had a group on LinkedIn called SLIM Beta Epsilon Chapter of Beta Phi Mu.  Because this is a place to interact with other professionals to share content or make new contacts, it seems like a good fit for our organization.  Recently, LinkedIn has redesigned the groups page.  Here’s a guide to help find us in LinkedIn:

  • Sign into your LinkedIn account.
  • Click the Work icon in the top right of your LinkedIn homepage and select Groups from the dropdown.
  • Click Discover at the top of the page to view suggested groups.  You can search for SLIM Beta Epsilon Chapter…
  • You can then request membership by clicking the Ask to join button under the group description.

I hope you’ll join us and then feel free to start a conversation.  I’ll be posting our activities throughout the upcoming year. So it’s a good page to catch up on our news or maybe find a SLIM classmate.

I’ll add the same caveat here which Beta Phi Mu has on their page:  “Participation as a member of this LinkedIn Group does not equate or guarantee official membership in Beta Epsilon Chapter (or National membership) in Beta Phi Mu, which is by invitation only.”   There, now I’ve said it.  🙂

I’d be happy to send you a LinkedIn group invitation, if you would email me at

Hope we connect soon,
Jan Brooks, President
Beta Epsilon Chapter of Beta Phi Mu